Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello Family:
Service..is my rooftop shout for the day. This was the topic of our 5th Sunday bishop’s discussion. If you are curious about the details of the bishop’s talk, they can be found here:

After church, we discussed what we gleaned at the dinner table and also in family home evening.
As always, I appreciate all your insights and will watch for added posts to the blog. Here are highlights for me personally:

Service includes:
serving with our hands (work, doing, actions);
serving with our minds (planning, attending, seeing);
and serving with our hearts (compassion, listening, sharing, loving).
All of these types of service are valuable and needed. While we may have a natural disposition to be better at some types of service than others…
there is value in increasing our capacity for all these types of service.
There is value in paying particular attention in how we serve those we home and visit teach.
There is value in "acting fast" (before we talk ourselves out of giving service) and Camilla Kimball’s council to "never suppress a generous thought."
There is value in having "confidence" (definition: faith in the joint venture between God and oneself.)
One of the benefits of being "old" is watching your posterity serve one another and others. Thanks to all.

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