Thursday, March 11, 2010

Half way into removing our asian jasmine

The completed project

slowly invading beyond the fence into the grass

If your sins are like asian jasmine, repent now...

About five years ago, our back fence neighbor planted asian jasmine along his back fence. This is the indestructible vine/hedge that they plant around the greenbelt entrances here in Kingwood. It wasn't long before the vine was creeping through into our yard. So, for five years one of the things on my "to do" list was to get rid of the vine. I made several "round up" attempts over the years. I just could not understand why it did not die.

Well...after a visit to the nursery I discovered that round up does not phrase this plant. It may weaken it if you spray on a really hot day and add dish detergent. But the only way to really get rid of it is to pull it out, then cover the area with black plastic for a length of time.

My neighbor who originally planted it has done the "pull out and cover it thing" about a year ago. But of course, by now, it had intruded into our yard and the other neighbor next to him and also behind us. Nevertheless, this month has been kill the vine time. Finally today, I was able to finish pulling out the vine and covering the ground with plastic. It has not been terribly fun. Thus...if your sins are like asian jasmine....don't procrastinate...getting rid of them is only going to be more laboureous the longer you wait.