Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family History...names to take to the temple

Hello Family:

My second rooftop shout for the day is (what a surprise) Family History! I had a little breakthrough this weekend and was able to finally put together the descendant lines for 3 more of Levi Dunn’s children by his first wife. [Levi is the uncle of THE Simeon Dunn]. But my rooftop shout for the day is:

New.familysearch.org is so easy to use and it is so easy to find temple names….that you all are going to have to process them yourselves if you want family names to take to the temple.

If I am babysitting, and you are going out the door, please still feel free to ask if I have a card I want you to take. But it is plenty for me to keep track of the cards I have. Also I have had a change of behavior. I have started sending male names to the temple to be done. I am hoping this will help with the backlog of males so that we can get more of the sealings up to date. This may make no difference, I’ll let you know.

I recently released back into the system a bunch of names on Dad’s side. Here are the PIN numbers if anyone wants to pluck them up and take them to the temple. Just sign in at new.familysearch.org, click the "Search" tab, and search by #.

Frederikke Wilhelmine Zinkernagel PIN M2P7-ZDM
Carl Julius Zinkernagel PIN MR63-382
Walter Wharton PIN 9417-QR9
Mary E. Turner PIN 9DWG-53Z
Olof Svensson PIN M2P7-HSZ
Peder Simonsen PIN M2P7-CZX
Marin Simonsen PIN MPMP-33J
Robert Morrison Shoemaker MPMP-3RG
Andreas Zachariasen Schultz PIN M2PK-NYZ
Louis F. Scholcoff PIN M2PK-VSY
Georgianna Powers PIN MDRL-S55
William G. Peterson PIN M2PK-JTB
Lemuel Peterson PIN M3RY-JB6
Lemuel Peterson PIN M2P7-CJK (needs to be combined with the one above)
Gerrand Peterson PIN 9417-QNK
David Peterson PIN M3RY-R76
Lemuel P. Layton PIN 9417-QHV
William F. Justice PIN 3RY-51W
Lizzie Justice PIN MM61-BXP
Lars Jorgensen M2P7-HBP
Beulah E. Griffin 9417-Q94
William L. Featherer M3RY-52S
Samuel Craighaid Lewis Featherer MPMP-S3F
Harry Featherer MPMP-SWS
Franklin Featherer MPMP-SS4
Emily M. Featherer MM61-BH6
Charles G. Featherer MPMP-9KK
Eliza Denny PIN 9JQJ-HLP
Elizabeth Hancock Crispin MP3M-3VV
Jens Andersen MR63-STK
Fred B. Allen M2P7-HQH
Sarah M3RY-RWF
Bathseba M2PK-J7S

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