Wednesday, January 6, 2010


VALUES: Twenty years ago, values were the in thing! Hyrum Smith (founder of Franklin day planners) had several books about "governing values." Covey had his own version with mission statesments etc. From that time period, here are THE….

1) Respect Yourself
2) Respect Others
3) Respect Property
4) Respect God
5) Live Worthy of the Temple
6) Get an Education
7) Learn to Work
8) Manage Your Money
9) Give Service
10) Take Time for Fun

As the new year rolled around, I found myself thinking about another book I had read on values from this same timeframe. It is titled, "Helping Your Child Learn Right From Wrong..A guide to Values Clarification" by Sidney B. Simon and Sally Wendkos Olds. (Naturally, I had just sold the book to Half Price Books and ended up reordering it…oh well)

The book explains the authors "seven steps to values." They are:

Plateau #1 CHOOSING
1-Option Exporation: What can I do?
2- Consequence Count: What will happen if?
3-Free Choice: Do I really want it?
4- Accent on the Positive: Am I happy and proud about it?
5-Rooftop Shout: Do I let the World know about it?
6- Values Action: What can I do about it?
7- Pattern Building: What can I do—and do—and do?

So, this week I find myself pondering where I am on the ladder on various item that I both value, that I want to value, and some that I feel like it would be a good idea to value. A classic for contemplation this time of year is "body stewardship" (a nice term for health and diet). What step am I on now? What would it take to move up? Etc. etc. Any thoughts of your own?

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  1. Hi Karen. Good to know that this little book had an impact -- even so many years later. And isn't it wonderful how easy it is to order older books on the Internet! Happy values clarification, Sally