Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dupuytren's Contracture

Carl (January 22, 2010). It is one week after surgery, and he is just heading in to see the doctor and have the bandaging removed. Bandaging was partially a hard cast and was to remain on undisturbed for one week.

Just leaving the doctor's office after the bandaging has been removed. Dissolving stitches still in place.

Both hands together. Left hand was the recent surgery

This is Carl's right hand. You can see where he has had surgery before.

Here is Carl trying to lay his right hand flat on the table. Notice the "pinky" finger does not go flat. This is due to scar tissue in the joint from previous surguries and some newly forming dupuytrens.

Here is Carl's (newly operated) left hand. Look how flat he can get it on the table.

At night, Carl is suppose to wear this partial hard cast to keep scar tissue from forming in the joint while the fingers heal and causing the problem he has in his right hand. It is NOT comfortable apparently.
There is lots of information on the net about Dupuytren's. It is a genetic disorder that impacts the hand, mostly in men.

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