Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kleiner Cookies...

I want to start with a disclaimer right from the start... I LOVE Rasmussens!!! But, Kleiner cookies, not so much. I will try to give an unbiased report of the event, however, don't be mad at me if some opinion seeps through. Remember, you love me, too.

It all starts at Grandma's house. We arrive 6:20ish and the girls immediately start helping Grandpa shell the spice, can't remember exactly which one, and watched with rapt attention as he crushed it.
The official pose of said spice crushing.Grandma's at the stove making fudge, for Dirk. A whole pan of fudge for Dirk. Susan said he can take it to the office instead of leaving it home with her all day. :)
Melissa has mad-stirring skills, even when she's upside down. Rachel Ray, we dare you!
Close up!
In true Rasmussen fashion, kids are on the counter to get a good view of the goings-on.
We took a quick break to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
Melissa gave us a FHE lesson on Nephi building the ship. Paul, where's the picture you took?
The Kleiner Expert, Grandpa, gave lessons & supervised the folding.
Melissa is a very hands on girl & likes to start trying to do it right away.
Here's the special cut of the dough.
Folded, pre-fried.
Dirk decided he needed to learn how to make caramels. Grandma digs out the recipe while he makes a face for me. I love this face! I love it when I see some of his fun personality.
Susan & I bonded over our opinion of these holiday cookies, and the other goodies that were made. That's all I'll say!
Jacob's new hobby is opening the microwave, putting a cup in, closing the microwave, & repeating! Jennifer wasn't really cooperating.
Now it's time to fry the Kleiner, can you tell it's getting harder to keep my unbiased tone? Carl told Paul to put half a large carton of Crisco in the wok and melt it. Paul made this grin for me, he could see my eye starting to sort of twitch.
Dirk delighted in my twitching. He grinned, "Pure fat, pure sugar!" They sure are cute boys!
Grandpa came over to give Paul a lesson on frying... the cookies were comin' out a bit too dark.
This is where my favorite part of the night began... Paul & Dirk start a healthy banter of smack-talk.
The conversation even turned to who is hotter...
I love Dirk's expression!
Good family times together!
the finished project
This year Paul & Grandma decided they would dip Kleiner in chocolate. Carl forbid it, but that didn't really work. Sorry, Grandpa.

It was an awesome night together. I have to say, you Rasmussens are the dream family to marry in to. But that is another post altogether.
Can't wait til we're together,
Love, Caryn

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